RenderPipeline error on AMD

I’m using an AMD Radeon R9 Fury Nano graphics card and build panda 3d with win10 and vs2015.

Panda3d and RenderPipeline sources are cloned from github.

my build command is:
thirdparty\win-python3.6-x64\python.exe makepanda\ --everything --threads 5 --msvc-version=14 --windows-sdk=10 --no-dx9 --no-tinydisplay --no-nvidiacg --no-fmodex --no-ode --no-physx --no-pandaphysics --no-maya6 --no-maya65 --no-maya7 --no-maya8 --no-maya85 --no-maya2008 --no-maya2009 --no-maya2010 --no-maya2011 --no-maya2012 --no-maya2013 --no-maya20135 --no-maya2014 --no-maya2015 --no-maya2016 --no-maya20165 --no-maya2017 --no-max6 --no-max7 --no-max8 --no-max9 --no-max2009 --no-max2010 --no-max2011 --no-max2012 --no-max2013 --no-max2014 --no-deploytools

I changed vc_version=Visual Studio 14 2015 in rpcore/native/config.ini and build RenderPipeline.

All build successed, but almost every sample from RenderPipeline-Samples-master shows:

[!] Panda3D :linmath(warning): Tried to invert singular LMatrix4.

[!!!] Panda3D :display(error): Shader input IESDatasetTex is not present.

this errors do not appear when i use NVIDIA GT 730 card.

Could someone help me with this problem?
Thank you

Sorry for my bad English, I speak Chinese.


You should post this on the GitHub issue tracker for RenderPipeline:

The PR ( may have solved it.