Rendering side/rear view mirrors in separate windows

Hey, I was not sure if I should make a new topic. If so, I apologize! First time poster to these forums!

In the same vain of vehicle simulation, I would like to know additionally if Panda3D is able to do the following -

Can it render side and rear view mirrors and if so can those mirrors be placed into separate windows/monitors on a given PC? So, you would end up being able to place these additional windows on monitors which are in the relative places of one would expect them in the real world.

I hope that makes sense, thank you in advance!

I hope you don’t mind that I separated your post out into a separate thread, since it was unrelated to the thread you posted it in.

Indeed, Panda3D is able to do this easily. You can use base.openWindow() which opens a new window and creates a new camera. You can specify a window origin in the props parameter to specify the position of the window, and you can reparent the camera created by it to the car and make it point backwards.

That is really exciting! Thank you for the answer!

No problem on moving the post either! Sorry about the hassle!

Now to just wait for VR implementation :stuck_out_tongue: