Rendering problem

Hi there,

I am making a clustering program using Panda3D. Each facet of the model is treated as one node.
A single mesh model is rendered using hundreds of nodes (facets).
On windows, the z-buffer of the final result seems wrong. (See Fig.1)
The same program has a better result on Linux (see Fig.2).

I have been bothered by the problem for days.
Would appreciate your help.

It seems the two figures are not correctly shown.
There links are as follows:
Fig.1 … 18yaE5Vcms
Fig.2 … 0JxSl9SRVE

To help those who encountered the same problem:
The overlapping was caused by wrong lenz settings.

I only used setNear for perspective lenz.
Not sure how is “far” decided,
but obviously it led to the ugly plot.