rendering model without some parts

My model like this:

Egg file like this in the pview:

But when I load with other animation, it become like this:

Render only a jackets.
This is my py file:
This is some model:

This happens when the actor’s animation moves it off of its origin–it confuses the bounding volumes.

As a hack around this problem, try:

actor.node().setBounds(BoundingSphere((0, 0, 0), radius))

where radius is sufficiently large to encompass the actor’s movement.


Thank David.

I try add line:


At least can render one jackets. I want try another method: use four egg file save body, jackets, skirt and hair.

So maybe the animation is moving the other parts out of the field of view unexpectedly? Or scaling them very small? I don’t know, it’s hard to speculate what might be wrong.


I remember there being something odd about parts being exported with zero scale when they weren’t rigged or so.

They are model and animaiton: