Removing python entirely

How thoroughly integrated is python into panda? Would it be at all possible to remove it and use c++ entirely or embed another scripting language like javascript or haxe?

You can build Panda without Python by running makepanda with the parameter --no-python. For the compiling you need python, but afterwards you have a python-independent package.

But even with Python compiled in, you don’t have to use it. Most Python classes are only wrappers for the C++ layer anyway. Both the manual and the API reference are available for Python and C++.

Excellent, Thanks so much for clearing this up for me; I was wondering about that for some time.

From the sound of it if I wanted to create another wrapper for the c++ libs It’d be easier to first take a look at the python one first and go by example.

Note that Panda3D already provides JavaScript wrappers in the web plugin. I think the JavaScript wrappers are exposed by Python code, though, because of the fact that JavaScript is such a similar language to Python.