removing only Actors from render?

for i in render.getChildren():
    if isinstance(i, Actor):

doesnt work

See: … Animations

So what should I be doing?

You could find another way, such as storing the Actor objects as a tag (beware the circular references though).

So youre saying I can’t find out if an actor is an instance of an Actor class?

No, you can’t. Not only because NodePath is a C++ class, but also because NodePath is a simple wrapper - if you get a NodePath pointer from something, it may not be the same one as the all the other NodePaths that point to the same node.

Um, I can have a common parent for all actors.

I made a common parent for all actors to avoid checking if the child node is Actor or not

parent = render.attachNewNode('parent')
# add actors here, reparent to parent

for i in parent.getChildren():

this also doesnt work, i is always nodepath, not actor.

Right! Because getChildren() returns new NodePath objects, that are not necessarily the same as your Actor’s (it’ll be a different NodePath object pointing to the same PandaNode).

And also because getParent() is written in C++: on the C++ side, your Actor is just a NodePath.

Well what can be done?
Never used tags. Is it simpler than storing each Actor in a python list?

BTW, is there some reason for having Actor as Pyhton class? Or is it just not have been ported to C++ yet?