Remote contract job offer: help with my robot arm simulator!

Hey guys, I’m a newbie to game programming and Panda3D and while I really like the framework, I’d be very happy to requisite a little assistance on this project of mine =)

The small demo game I’m trying to build, a robot arm simulator, is just a Panda3D program that does the following:

  1. Imports a robot arm CAD model that I’ve rigged in Blender and exported as an .egg,
  2. Takes control of the robot’s 6 or 7 joints via the keyboard, can move them back and forth,
  3. Uses some form of physics such that the robot arm can knock into (and eventually pick up) other objects, be they imported CAD models, or just regular shapes created in Panda3D

This question on the Scripting part of the form has my first attempt and some of the stuff I was working through:

Here is my latest attempt at getting that crucial third step of functionality, playing around with Ode: …

I’m able to get the robot arm model in there, with user control, and something physical of the arm reacts with the other objects, but not in such a way that the arm can hit and move other objects properly. Plus it does some weird ‘shaking on the ground’ thing.

Anyways, for help creating a reliable functional implementation - even just fixing up that ‘’ file with Ode for example - I’d be willing to compensate a remote developer for their time.

My budget is not very large so the ideal candidate is someone experienced with Panda3D who’s done something very similar before in code and so it won’t take them much time. We can chat more over e-mail if anyone’s interested: