relinquishing control of a joint

I’ve used controlJoint to control an actor’s neck (in almost exactly the same way as shown in the Joint Manipulation Feature Tutorial) and it’s works fine. However I would like to stop controlling the joint to allow it to animate normally at times. I haven’t been able to figure out how to do this yet (I don’t even know that it’s possible), so I’d really appreciate someone’s assistance. :slight_smile:

Sorry, controlJoint() is forever. But one thing you can do is have two different copies of the Actor, one which you have called controlJoint() on, and one which you have not. When you want the Actor to animate its joint again, swap in the one you haven’t meddled with.


What about having two joints in the same place? One animates, and the other is used for control. Both joints would have to be weighted on the model the same way. Are there any problems with having two joints in the exact same position?

If this does work, I imagine this could result in a blend of animation/procedural control if desired.

Thank you so much for your help. I used the swapping actors method rather than using two joints since it seemed the simpler option, and also because I’m not too sure of myself when it comes to joints (as you can tell by this thread). It works fine for me and I appreciate both of you taking the time to help me. :smiley: