Relative mouse coordinates and mouse grabbing


I need relative mouse --shooter-like input-- but setting MRelative on the WindowProperties did have no effect (I’m a GNU/Linux user). That is not much prob, I can still calculate the the deltas of the mouse movement every frame; the problem is that the mouse never gets to values below 0 or upper window-size.

All input or game engines that I have ever used always have relative mouse movement and mouse grabbing (I don’t know how to get the mouse grabbed in Panda3d neither). How can I do this in Panda3d?

Thanks a lot.


Relative mouse mode on Linux is only implemented in the current CVS version of Panda3D. Either wait for 1.7.0 (should be a matter of days now), use the nightly builds, or build it from CVS.

So… What do you suggest in the meantime? I have to make a release in a few days :stuck_out_tongue: I was thinking about re-positioning the mouse on the code when it is near the border of the screen, moving it back to the center of the screen. What do you think?

Yes, that works too, but the mouse will appear jittery for low framerates.