Regarding new Forum categories

Just a suggestion, i’d recomend adding new categories to the forum, particularly these two:

  1. An off-topic category. You know when you want to talk about anything not related to panda, python or programming :slight_smile:

  2. An Anouncements category, would be nice to see a place to look for updates, patches, forum or website changes. You know only admin and moderators would be able to post there. It would become easier to track Panda changes through that category.

Well i guess it was just that, later everyone :smiley:

Edwood out 8),

Both topics are not a bad idea… however, the problem is to not-spread-em-too-much. Otherwise ppl will get lost easily…

Comments anyone?

Regards, Bigfoot29

Anouncements category would be fine.
Where you can find what happened when aso
What are the new features of the realease