Regarding Music and Panda3D...

Alright, this question is a bit funny, so I apologize…

Basically, is it possible to retrieve values from a music file in panda?

Like for example, linking audacity to panda (via python), so that I can pick up timings and beats from audacity and use it in panda.

This is as I’m interested in trying to make a music game in Panda3D, and I was thinking whether I could actually add “beat spots” in the music files via audacity (read it somewhere, but basically it serves as a marker), and from there, run it into Panda3D, instead of having to hard code all the songs that I add.


I imagine this is possible, but it’s got little to do with Panda. You’ll either have to find, or write, the software that will help you do this.


I recommend finding a song with a good uniform beat and just timing it, Putting times into your own app.

what it boils down to is sound analysis using python?
i looked into it a few weeks ago (cause i had the same idea, building something like audiosurf)
there wasnt much i found. but one thing looked intresting.
although in very early stage it contains some internal functions to do FFT and other stuff which allows you do spectrum analysis and detecting beats and stuff.

… Point taken.

Off to check out on sound analysis with python.

Thanks alot for all the help everyone! Much appreciation.