I saw some images and, i wonder if Blackout could be a FEAR FPS recreation.

The Code3D models showed seem GTA San Andreas
Angel falls first seems Star Wars Star Fighters

And now i wonder, did someone tried to remasterize classical abandoneWare Disney game, for example, Lionking, but 3D !.. with the same music…

Others titles like Super Mario Bross 3…

Doing this and sell them is illegal?

even if you don’t sell it will most likely break some copyright laws.
if you’r super-ultra-lucky the company will tolerate it. but that’s rather rare. in most cases you will be forced to stop distribution i guess. so you better don’t.

you might have more luck with some games which died-away along with their companies. however game-remakes without proper permissions are always risky.

why not pick up the game-principle and re-create your own one. with your own characters , goodies etc? only a bit more effort but less issues.

simple rule: if you’r going to sell something. sell your own stuff, not someone’s else.

And Panda3D is an XNA recreation. :S

But seriously, the only Panda3D game from the screenshots that really is a recreation of something is Shadow of the Colossus, I think.

ah, of course,…

Well, is better to make something similar… i guess… changing sprites, scenery.

well since it’s shutting down, you should have better luck cloning apogee/3drealms titles… maybe you could finish Duke Nukem Forever :wink:
PS: if you do, change his name, e.g. “DN Job’s Done” or sorta

haha, Duke Nukem Forever, that title, i was looking for it since 5 years ago, never released i think, never seen !

apogee !, that company make a game named Menace or something like that, … that games!! that!!, that was a really games or atari games!, yeah yeah if i have money and time to learn and regroup peoples and create a big company, “Resurrecting Old games” Subtitle: Play Joust or Gyruss in 3D now …

a great Dream…m.