Recomended or best 3D modeling program

What is the recomended or best 3D Modeling Program for Panda3D ?

Let me clafify…

Which plugin/import or exporter works the smoothest, with less error and produces more exact results ?
e.g. exports/converts and directly looks and acts the same in Panda as in the 3D Modeling program without adjustment(s).

Which is the best ?

Why is it the best ?

Is there a perfered techinical ranking ? you know… 1. 2. 3 etc.

If your not sure what I mean, just use your person experience and talk about what you like and why you like it
from a techinical point of view.

Please don’t say, “there’s really not one, they are all basicly the same” Unless, you have used ALL for a significant amount of work, and really know what your talking about.


Probably Autodesk Maya, since it was used for a long time by Disney and CMU and therefore has enjoyed good use.

If you want a free package I’d advise Blender3D - the available converter isn’t as mature, but it is the most popular free package used as far as I can tell and is therefore more likely to be supported in the long run.

In general it’s going to be hard to be able to map concepts 1:1 between the modelling program and the game engine, though, as there are some fundamental workflow differences involved. In the end you’re always going to end up having to gear your workflow specifically for use in the game engine.

Thank, thats very helpfull.

Which is the best Maya version to use with Linux x64 that the Panda plugin works well with ?

Concerning Blender 2.6.9

It looks like the Chicken plugin, is very old. Or am I missing somthing.


For Blender, Chicken has been pretty much superseded by YABEE, I believe.

I have not tried Maya on Linux. It’s supposed to work with any version, but it could be that we need to enable support for your Maya version in the public builds - e-mail me if this is the case.

Chicken is for Blender versions prior to 2.50.