Recast and Detour Integration in Panda3D

Hello everyone,
I am Ashwini Jha and this summer, I am participating in Google Summer of Code. I will be working on the integration of Recast and Detour tools in Panda3D.
The Recast process starts with constructing a voxel mold from level geometry and then casting a navigation mesh over it. And then, the generated Navigation Mesh can be used for static as well as dynamic pathfinding, subject to moving objects, using detour tool. The repository for the library is available here:
Once these tools/libraries are successfully integrated with Panda3D, it would be possible for a Panda3D actor to move from the source to the destination avoiding collisions with the walls and inappropriate paths.
Currently, we are in the community bonding period as per the GSoC 2020 timeline. The coding period starts from June 1 and I will make sure to add weekly updates in here.
You can find my proposal for the same here.