Reasonable requirments for scenes

What would be the reasonable requirements in vertex and face count for a scene assuming an average PC computer and graphics card? Would say 200,000 vertices and faces be a reasonable limit per scene, for example?

Also what would be the common sense limit in texture sizes and the total amount of texture memory used in a single scene?

Assuming no LOD is used and other stuff that optimizes the render scene.

zingbat, the vertex and face count for a scene almost have no effect on frame rate. The major things are number of geoms and shader complexity. There is entire chapter in the panda manual on optimizations:

for my cards its about 100k poly but my card is old i would guess the reasonable amount is at 100k-500k (thats 300,000 - 1,500,000 vertexes) but really i just pulled the numbers out of my ass.

A good way to know this stuff would be a Panda3D benchmark demo.

How old is your card?

the chip type was released in 2004 its only has 128mb of ram in it so comparing that next to the 1gb of ram they have now …

Its very hard to bench mark cards. I think this dudes did it here
I don’t see how panda3d benchmarks can help me or you.