Reason for large cache folder size?

In this post, I compiled an application to demonstrate shaders.

The full size of the application before launch ~ 23 megabytes, but after launch, it increases to 50 megabytes. Also in the cache folder is the bam file, although I originally used bam.
Also there are a lot of .txo files, which I understand texture files. However, I do not have such large textures in 1 megabytes. Maximum ~ 300Kb. What can weigh so much in a cache folder?

It’s because textures are stored uncompressed. See

The problem is, if you compress them again, then this again requires system resources, and what is the gain at boot. If I use bam and png initially, I don’t need them in the folder as a duplicate. Although, as a solution, I can turn it off, which is good.

The advantage of enabling model-cache-textures is that certain operations (such as DXT compression via compressed-textures, which I note is not the same as PNG/JPG compression) don’t need to be redone, so loading can be faster.

In the normal case there is not much advantage, which is why it’s off by default.

You’re right that recompressing it as JPG/PNG in the model cache would defeat the purpose. It would only be useful if we chose a compression method that is very quick to decompress, or as I said earlier, if DXT compression were used so that it can be uploaded to the GPU without decompression (but DXT is not really that good at saving space, compared to PNG).