Realtime line drawing

What I want to get in Panda: Have you seen Indiana Jones movies? I’m sure of it. When he travels from one city to another, a map is displayed when a red thick line is smoothly drawed representing the plane or vehicle moving around the world.

I thought that I could get it with the new Meshdrawer class but I cannot get it working. (See

Do you know some alternative method to get that Indy journey effect?

The MeshDrawer is not meant for that purpose, I believe.

What about using motion paths and spawning CardMaker cards along the way?

I think you mean to spam some dot-like texture cards along the path. If I want it not to be choppy, that would mean lots and lots of cards. Anyway, I’ll test that solution, as I’m not sure whether that would be a problem for panda o not.

Some additional approach I’ve thought too was a progress bar for every straight segment. It’s weird, but if you can make rounded transparent bar slowly increasing, maybe that gets the job done.

you could use a animated line or thin tube



Use motion path to move a clip plane which clips the line.