real water script

Hello, looking for a way to add water on a map.

I found this link:

But it is not very realistic.
Is there a way to do better now ?

I did some water on the GPU using fft at some point:

I’ll see if I can find the source somewhere

Yes it is very immersive !

thank you in advance :smiley:

I started with Panda3D
I use your framework for creating an small open world.

Here’s where I am with your field:

Later I will add 3d clouds, tree and grass :mrgreen: it’s not difficult (i import 3d egg model),But the (realistic) water I not know how.
I 'm studying computer science and this is the first time I put video games. Panda3D and your framework is good enough to start.

Cool! :slight_smile: It looks like you are missing shadows, if you don’t want to run the plugin configurator you can go to config/plugins.yaml and change pssm.max_distance to 2000 or so. Maybe you will also have to increase the shadow bias then ( pssm.fixed_bias ).

I will have to update the water implementation since it was written for the old version of the pipeline. I’ll probably just include it in the new pipeline version then.

Your framework work with Panda 1.10 64bits ?

Because when i load egg “big” model (>40mb), i have error with memory allocation:

Couldn't allocate memory page of size 131072

EDIT: I compile to 64bits and it’s compatible :smiley:

for water i use old version (version 1.0) of renderer PipeLine.

I will see when I can get to it. Its a bit of effort but I will certainly make it available in v2.

For vegetation (forest and grass in the screenshots) , which version do you use?

Looks cool! How is the progress? Hope you get the water looking right.