Real Time mocap game

Hello there,

As part of my university degree I am commencing a project where by I must create a very simple computer game that utilises a mocap suit.

The game will consist of a character that is controlled via a mocap suit from the the waist up. The character will have to throw a spear at an A.I controlled character who will try to dodge the spear. The user controlled character will also have to pivot in order to avoid the A.I’s attack.

I was considering using blender however I understand that it does not support real time armature animation which will be integral to animating with a mocap suit. Would Panda3D be a suitable engine to use? I have been informed that it can enable me to animate in real-time, is this so?

Can Panda support the concept of this project, i.e the physics, A.I etc that will be involved in realising this?

Is it possible to model/texture in different software packages (3ds Max) and import into the panda software?

Would be very greatful if anyone could shed some light on any of these points?

Many thanks, Jake.

Yes, to all of your points.
The mocap stuff is fully supported by Panda and actively used within the CMU ETC. If you don’t believe me:
All of those videos are done in Panda3D, within two weeks time. There are lots of videos among those that use motion capturing etc.

You can indeed use programs like 3DSMax, Maya, Blender, or others to export your models to Panda3D. See the manual for more info on how to do that.