Reading .egg files

Hey there,

I’m slogging through the Panda3D example files, and I keep reading comments about the stuff in .egg files. Apparently these are supposed to be “human readable”, but when I open them with a text editor, I get gibberish. Can you only get the “human readable” stuff if you import to a 3D modeling program?

This seems like an obvious question, so if there’s a link to a previous thread, just give me that and I’ll go from there. Otherwise, thanks for your help!


Files with the extention “.pz” are compressed. You need to uncompress them to be able to read them. Use the command:

punzip foo.egg.pz

That will remove foo.egg.pz, and leave foo.egg behind.

I think you can use Pocket Unzip or any software that can extract pz files. I only say Pocket Unzip because it’s the first one that came up when I googled it just now.

no .pz is “simi-proprietary” solution in that is panda specific so that other non programmers would not try to edit the models.

Ahh, I see. My bad. I suppose I was mislead by the the fact that they have the same extension name.

Unzipping from /bin/ worked like a charm–thanks Josh!

I had tried a bunch of stuff in the executables, but I was going off the Manual list, which didn’t include punzip.

Everything makes sense now. Thanks so much!