reading all keyboard button states?

i wonder if it’s possible to read all key button states in one function call.
for example, getWholeKeyboard() returns tuple (0,0,0,0… 256 times ) if no key is pressed, and if the key of VKcode 0x50 is pressed, the 80th item in tuple is 1.
i think this way is convenient to use.
and one important thing that makes me want this, is that, couple years ago when i tested Panda 1.72 using the ACCEPT method to get keyboard states, i found i couldn’t get seperate states of Shift key and other keys.
i mean, if i press Shift+A, i couldn’t get the event of key A down, i only got a Shift+A down event. so i ended up having ‘shiftA’ ‘A’ ‘shift’ items in my keymap, and when shift key is up, i have to clear the ‘shiftA’ and ‘shift’ items, and when A key is up, i clear the ‘shiftA’ ‘A’ items. this is not convenient (or it was because i couldn’t find a better way to handle the events, or i made mistakes in testing).
and having seperate information about every key is sometimes necessary.

recently i plan to do a project with Panda3D, and i memorise this problem.

Note you can disable modifier buttons so that Panda doesn’t handle shift-a specially. This is described on the manual page: … ifier_keys

That page is also shows how to use the polling interface. There is no way to get a list of all states, though, but I could add such a method if you want.

it’s good to have such a function in future versions of Panda3D.