Read OSC data with ConnectionReader

I’m having trouble with OSC on OSX, trying to figure it out on this post, but in the meantime I’m looking at other options.

Is it possible to receive OSC data via the ConnectionReader?

I have a C++ program that is not tied into Panda and it sends via OSC. Is there a different way that I can configure the data sending in C++ to be accepted by ConnectionReader?

My data is just an array of floats.

I get this error when I try to read / print raw OSC data from the iterator

AssertionError: _current_index + s_len <= _datagram->get_length() at line 30 of panda/src/express/datagramIterator.cxx
from panda3d.core import QueuedConnectionManager, QueuedConnectionListener, QueuedConnectionReader, ConnectionWriter, PointerToConnection, NetAddress, NetDatagram
from direct.distributed.PyDatagram import PyDatagram
from direct.distributed.PyDatagramIterator import PyDatagramIterator

from direct.directbase.DirectStart import *

class SN:
    def __init__(self):
        self.cManager = QueuedConnectionManager()
        self.cReader = QueuedConnectionReader(self.cManager, 0)
        #self.cWriter = ConnectionWriter(self.cManager,0)
        self.udpSocket = self.cManager.openUDPConnection(self.port_address)
        taskMgr.add(self.tskReaderPolling,"Poll the connection reader",-40)
    def tskReaderPolling(self, taskdata):
        if self.cReader.dataAvailable():
            datagram=NetDatagram()  # catch the incoming data in this instance
            # Check the return value; if we were threaded, someone else could have
            # snagged this data before we did           
            if self.cReader.getData(datagram):
        return taskdata.cont

    def myProcessDataFunction(self, netDatagram):
        myIterator = PyDatagramIterator(netDatagram)
        msgID = myIterator.getUint8()
        #if msgID == PRINT_MESSAGE:
        messageToPrint = myIterator.getString()  ### this causes the above error
        print messageToPrint   

sn = SN()

Any thoughts on alternatives to OSC for communication from a C++ app to Panda?

This will return the raw string from netDatagram:

rawString = netDatagram.getMessage()

You can then decode the binary OSC message from rawString.