RawInputDevice crash

A customer has a crash of the panda software when a Fanatec pedal is connected. This is the error:
AssertionError: data[di].DataIndex < _indices.size() at line 666 of c:\buildslave\sdk-windows-amd64\build\panda\src\device\winRawInputDevice.cxx

Now, the thing is that all directX inputdevices in my software are handled by an other program that sends the pedal, steering wheel and button positions to another program that converts this to a new coordinate position and the rendering engine only gets those positions. These are used in the visualization of the 3D objects. So panda is not used at all to handle input devices, such as the Fanatec pedals, and it seems that Panda by default checks all input devices that are connected via usb.
Is there a simple way for me to circumvent the checking of RawInputDevices, because they are not used in my case ? Maybe via a flag?

If possible, it would be good to have the output with notify-level-device spam set to shed more light on this failure. It seems that the device driver is behaving incorrectly. Nevertheless, I will check in a fix for Panda to ignore these erroneous inputs.

There is not currently a way to prevent enumeration of input devices, I believe, other than perhaps by commenting out all calls to InputDeviceManager.getGlobalPtr() in ShowBase.py.