RanPG - Procedurally generated RPG

RanPG is a semi-procedurally generated 3D role playing game (RPG) created using the Panda3D framework. The levels are created randomly while still conforming to predefined constraints so that the world makes sense.

Demo video:

I also wrote 2 articles on the pipeline forum (don’t know if it was the right place) on how to import static models as well as animated creatures from World of Warcraft into Panda3D.

See them here:

I still haven’t decided if I’m going to put the whole project up for download, mostly because it’s incredibly unstable, and I have no idea why. Also there isn’t much gameplay right now so it wouldn’t be much fun to play anyway :slight_smile:
But if someone is interested I’ll consider it.


wow, that looks already quite good! Keep up the good work!

btw. from the first screenshot I get a bit the impression you do not use texture mipmapping, is that correct? You can do setMinFilter on your textures to make them look a tiny bit smoother. It’s faster also.

i like the WoW icons :slight_smile:

really good work ^^
Can i take a look to your water shader ? ^^

i would be very interessted how you did the water

btw: WOW! very very nice!!