What is the best way to create rain?
is there any rain shader?

Cheapest way to do it is with a couple of polygons with a transparent texture of raindrops on it, with a task animating the offset of the texture.

Easiest but kinda expensive way to do it is with particles, should be pretty simple to build the system in the particle panel.

Take note that these solutions won’t give any realistic effect of the rain splashing on the ground/objects and I’m not sure if shaders would give you that result anyway. Also try the forum search, rain has already been discussed in much greater detail across the forums

yeah I had to think about that before, this is why I choose another option

I have tried to create rain with a rectangular and aplly sky shader and move it verticaly combine with dense fog, not bad for a cheap one though.

but then a weird occur when I look up, the rain is gone, of curse

then I tried to render it 2d aspek, yes rain is still in the sky when I look up but then it move horizontaly

using partikel obviusly not my choice

I really want to make a rain that has a raindrop splash in the ground
Is there anyone that have been succeded manipulated it cheaply?
please help me