Radakan RPG - Seeking competent lead programmer


[size=100]Brief Description[/size]

Radakan, formerly The Shattered Lands, is a single-player RPG in a dark and dynamic fantasy-setting, driven by a freedom-of-choice environment, with focus on true role-playing instead of combat.

More about the game on our wiki’s ‘game overview’.


Main Site - Go here to get a simple and full overview of our entire domain.
Forums - Check out the forums if you want to discuss something with us in public. It could be questions, suggestions or just casual talk.
Wiki - Here we have documented just about any information about Radakan there is. So if you want to know more about the game, the crew and the project in general, go here.

[size=100]Target aim & License[/size]

Game Goals: No (typical) leveling, involving quests and storyline and a unique low-fantasy setting

Software Goals: Free, open source and portable.


If you’re looking for money, sad to say you’re looking at the wrong project. We can only promise you a great deal of experience from working alongside a dedicated team with talented members. If you haven’t worked in a team before, you will surely learn a lot about collaboration and communication. Alongside the obvious improvement you will get in your specialization, you might learn some new new aspects of game designing as well, seeing as we try to work closely together.


We are restarting our code from scratch, thus allowing us to widen our search by considering a new range of capable engines, yet still not excluding our original choice. The engines we are considering should be open source, portable and be well established, making Panda3D an excellent option.

[size=117]We seek…[/size]

… A bright and shining new ‘lead programmer’

The ‘why?’ in short:

  • Development on the coding-side was being more educative than it was productive

  • The lead programmer did not have a high proficiency with the chosen engine

  • The programming department was in need of structured leadership with guidance

  • The coding done to-date was poorly documented in certain areas, being one of several issues making it difficult for new programmers to adjust
    Our previous lead programmer is still with us as lead designer and a very capable programmer, and has been nothing but positive to this change since its proposal.


  • Good communication skills in English

  • Excellent written communications skills are required to interface with our technical, creative and management staff that is part of our game team

  • Strong coding and debugging skills

  • Game programming experience

  • Extensive experience with at least one language

  • Ability to write robust, efficient and maintainable code and mentor other programmers to do the same

  • Understanding of modern 3D techniques (shaders, lighting models, visibility)

  • Experience in administrational skills, such as leading a group


  • Exhibit enthusiasm for games, positive attitude, and charisma

  • Avid interest in games and new technologies

  • Detailed and organized

Other requirement

  • A lot of free time now and in the future

  • Dependable

  • Trustworthy


  • Creating a qualitative, stable and maintainable product

  • Leading and collaborating with the other programmers

  • Communication with the rest of the staff

Note: Once a new lead programmer has been aquired, we will start to determine whether or not additional members are needed, and if so; which.



E-mail (preferred): contact radakan org / sadr radakan org

Alternate: See the contact-info of Sadr on our wiki. Should I have notified of my absence, the next member in line of contact would be Ignatius, at ignatius radakan org.
Personal messages via the forum are also accepted, but are not recommended as they will not be checked nearly as frequently as e-mail.

In your e-mail, document or any other means of contact used, please fill in the following essentials, along with your own appendixes, be it your resumé, job references or just some additional information.

Name: {first name is enough, but full name is desired}

Contact: {E-mail, Live, AIM etc.}

Language of choice: {programming language of highest proficiency}

Programming experience: {years of active game programming}

Game engine of choice: {preferred engine for use of game creation}

Additional information: {Resumé, portfolio, examples, attachment info, references etc.}


Those with a mere interest for the project, or maybe with a talent that is not sought-after here, are encouraged to register on our forum and let us know you’re there. Sending an e-mail around these days will most likely result in a late answer, but will certainly not be forgot.

[size=100]Why us?[/size]

  • An established team: Programmers at-the-ready, writers and artists well in progress and an always improving team-structure.

  • Good publicity: We’re already known as a promising and steady project in some of the biggest development sites out there.

  • Ready content: Complete concept design, plenty of creative writing and concept art, fully functional character models and enough music tracks to make an album!

  • Centered management: Over the course of a year, we’ve learned that good management is not to be underestimated. This is why we’ve made sure to have sufficient leading roles in place for every working-department, along with certain individuals acting solely as managers.

As the team we are now, we have never done any previous work together besides what we have accomplished so far. Individually though, most of the team members have got considerable experience and talent, always ready to share it with the rest.

[size=117]Development Examples[/size]

From concept to content

One of our races, the mighty grogg, found the beginning of its concept stages in a forum thread inspired by content on the wiki.

Free Photo Album with PicTiger

After nailing down the concept, the modeling could commence!

Image Sharing with PicTiger

In a couple of days, we’ll have this lad running about, doing as he pleases!

More recent development examples will soon be added. We will also try to do our best to meet potential requests.


Ambient Arachnyd theme - By Jim
Zharg Morg theme
Grogg Theme


Quest example 1: Xemna Dilemma.
Quest example 2: Cave Girl
Character & Tale example: Ronir, Vigor’s heir.
Location example: Syrtis Desert.


Any feedback would be appreciated in this thread, be it praise, criticism or questions. To apply for a position, it is preferred that you contact us personally (see above).

Programmers are hard to find. Mostly because they just start their own project and then the project is around the programmer. I suggest finding a similar rpg type game in hobby development and joining with it rather then looking for a programmer to implement your whishes