Qustion about some of the modules

So, I downloaded the engine via the command console on a win 10 machine and I’ve gone through some of the samples given to get an idea about how this engine works. I get an error message telling me that rocketcore can’t be found and one of the programs tells me that I don’t have megawidgets. With the rocketcore in particular I’ve found references to it on this forum but no clear answers about what’s happening. It feels like I’m missing some key piece of info that everyone takes for granted and am left completely out ot the loop here, and it’s been very frustrating.

I haven’t found any other missing modules yet, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t some I haven’t found yet.

Which samples are they that give you these errors?

I don’t think that this is likely something that everyone takes for granted–I know that I’m not particularly familiar with either of the two modules–but rather something that not a lot of people have bumped into.

He means the rocket-console example

Ah, I see.

Yes, checking on my end, that one does seem to require the “rocket” module–but then, a comment at the top of the code actually says that it’s a sample that illustrates how to use the “rocket” module.

And I seem to recall, seeing the module so named, that rocket is a third-party library. So the sample in question is simply an illustration of how to use that particular third-party library.

Thus if it’s not relevant to one’s project, then it can, I think, be safely ignored.

(I’m pretty sure that I don’t use it, for one.)

[edit] I’m not sure of which sample uses Megawidgets, but I think that it’s another third-party module, and can likewise be safely ignored.

Welcome to Panda3D! Sorry to hear that it’s been frustrating to you.

The libRocket UI library is an optional thirdparty dependency. We have deprecated it because libRocket is only available for Python 2.7. That’s why you can’t run the sample—you’re presumably using Python 3, as you should.

We are removing this in Panda3D 1.11, so I suggest you simply ignore the rocket-console sample program.

Do you have a suggestion for what we could change to avoid this frustration in the future? Perhaps we should have put a deprecation notice in the source code of the sample program?

OK, that makes sense if it’s a module for python two. Thank you