Quick question about the default camera

Hi, I’m new to panda and I have a short question about the default camera: when I pan it around, the rotation also seems to change e.g. increasing the Z value decreases its pitch. Does this mean that the default camera is constrained to look at the origin? Or am I misinterpreting this?


There’s nothing about the camera that’s got any special constraints, especially if you’ve remembered to call base.disableMouse().

(For the record, though, the camera term “pan” means specifically a horizontal rotation, i.e. a change of H value. I don’t know if there’s a camera term for changing its elevation, but you can just use the generic “move”.)

Yes, I thought it was a bit odd that the manual describes the default camera controls with

Key Action
Left Button Pan left and right.

when you can also move up and down :slight_smile:

Anyway, thanks for your reply. It turns out I had something funny in my code and not enough sleep, so all good!