"Quick, draw!" like project

Hi, I’m trying to create a project that uses the quick draw API, but it’s kind of different.

The project is something like this: You draw in a 2D scene, and the program will recognize your drawing, like Quick, draw! does. When it recognizes your drawing, you’ll be able to put whatever you drew in a 3D environment. And when whatever you drew is in this environment, it will interact with the other things around it.
So really, what i want to know is if this engine could help me create this project, since it uses python as its programming language, and if it does, can i use the quick, draw! API to help me build it

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I don’t know much about “Quick, Draw!” or its API, so I’m not in much of a position to help with that part, specifically.

However, presuming that the API will indeed work alongside Panda, I imagine that the latter could well be helpful in creating such a game. Panda is a fairly general-purpose engine, and thus it should be feasible to have it produce most gameplay types, I think.

I would imagine that the overall flow might look something like this:

  • Panda mouse-inputs are used to define the lines of the user’s drawing
    • If called for, these are transformed by you to match the format expected by “Quick, Draw!”
  • The “Quick, Draw!” API does its thing and outputs some identifier of an object
  • You match that identifier with a logical representation of that object–a specific class, or data-file to be provided to a more-general class, or some such thing–including a model- or image-file- name for its appearance
  • You construct an instance of the relevant object, including asking Panda to load the aforementioned model or image-file
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This is Quick Draw:

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Indeed, I found that in a quick search earlier. But still, without examining the API–as I haven’t since I haven’t used it myself–it’s hard to say how it’ll interact with Panda.

I’d suggest that the simplest thing to do might be to try it out in a simple test-program, and see whether there are obvious clashes.

If there are specific concerns regarding how Panda works that might impact its compatibility with such a project, perhaps I can help with those.

Otherwise, perhaps someone else on the forum has used the “Quick, Draw!” API.


Honestly, this is a hard project to take up. The simple part is that we can ask a user to draw something based on an input, then you will have to create some sort of AI to recognize the drawing. This part is hard and you can only overcome it by experimenting.

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In fact, this can be done simply by using wxPython to use it for the canvas. However, you need to program a neural network and train it with 2D images. The panda will only have to provide a 3D image according to the result. Just match by base 2D - > 3D.


I think that this is what the “Quick Draw!” API likely offers–or so I would imagine, at least!

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It is, the part that i’m actually going to develop on my own is creating a canvas for drawing, and the 3d modeling, the models interacting and stuff… Or at least i think so, i’m really new to the programming scenario so i wouldn’t know for sure


You realize that you can edit the message instead of deleting and posting again, right?

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i do now, i’m a fucking idiot