Quick collisionhandlerfloor question

I have a floorhandler set up working relatively well.
the only thing is, that i keep “shaking” up and down.

at firdt i thought this had to do with the collision handler trying to make me go down (offset is not 0), and then offsetting me back up, but when i zero’d the offset, shaking didnt stop.

slowing the maxvelocity down however, made it go slower, and not as far. but when i walked off a cliff, i gently floated down. not very realistic, is it now?

anyone got an idea on how to make the shaking stop without floating gently downwards?

You don’t have a scale on your floor polygons, or on your avatar, do you? Scales can introduce this kind of shaking.

Other than that, I don’t know. Shaking isn’t a normal property of the collision system.


thanks, when i undid the scaling on the avatar, but not the world (would have resulted in the avatar actually being bigger than the world) the shaking stopped.