Questverse: Cartoon Space RPG

Just to let you(who liked this game project) know I´m continuing this game here:

From the link above:

Current new features: start of the universal navigator screen; start of ruins level part 1; main menu scene improvements; safe scene navigation; user scene override at runtime; mouse look for ruins1 finished; better code efficiency and logic; more log info at runtime.

Other screenshots:

Hello dear visitor, this game has already been through a lot, I think it really started at a previous game attempt called ‘Bioweapon’ I did and given to the community long ago(and probably gone for lack of interest), from there it has changed his name from ‘shadowkawaii RPG’ to ‘Tales of Sun and Moon’, passing through several game engines, from the previous limited BGE, to blitz3d and panda3d; each taught me something, but it found a home under the current version of the BGE only. The game theme also shifted to finally be something which I could make and still love doing so, the space theme was perfect, as it can take a lot of different adventure types(from hi-tech to cave age); solving the issue where I started a game with an idea, had another idea, abandoned the previous one to adopt the new one because the previous theme could allow only a specific kind of adventure.

The game basic idea is you will use game packages which you can download or make your own, to create your own space race by choosing its powers, looks, solar system, and so on; but you will not play with the entire race, you will create a character from this race, and with him have infinite quests through the universe, limited only by the amount of .quest packages you have in your game copy. The game will be simple to play, going much more the ‘roleplaying’ aspect of RPG, and not much the ‘rules’ one.

Where the reference comes from? Basically from GURPS Space theme book and sometimes Abandonia’s old space games.

The game package will probably be updated monthly, but I do not promise this release cycle is accurate(it may come sooner), I do promise however the game will always proceed until finished, and probably after if the feedback is good.

I also plan on trying to make money with this game in a different way: If the user is interested, he can play the full game without additional costs, to ensure it works in their computer; if yes and he likes the game he(from his own goodwill) would pay a suggested price(he would be able to pay less or more than what was suggested) as many times as he wanted. If that doesn’t work I will go the demo>paid full game approach.

Obs1: The game will have by default only 1 quest and 2 races(solaria’s and nightkins); if it succeeds much more may be available

Game package:
Next package release by september end.

There is a lot of .blend, .xcfs, .svgs and .py files for you to study only at a separated package available in the future. The code can be freely used and modified(but it needs to be released free too), the arts I have made cannot be commercially used, and it cannot be used to create derivative works without asking for my permission. Before downloading you agree to that, otherwise do not download the package or delete it if you have already downloaded it. More details in the package README/LEIAME.

Requires blender 2.59.1 or later to use(while a WIP project) and other softwares to open the art source files and python files.

The audio wasn´t made by me, probably it will be used only until I manage to create my own musics

Current to-do list:
Doing character creation first
Doing Main menu
Do dynamic cartoon eyes
Do proper mouse look for first person view(almost done, found BGE limitations)
Do first combat
Finish and rig Old woman model
Finish and rig Elmore model
Do Old woman armature actions
Do Elmore armature actions
Console to external bug log system being improved
Planning main menu background video execution
Planning quest 1 intro cutscene execution
Research about landscape creation and texturing
Do dungeon level first, later the dungeon enter outside
Do object viewer interface
Do Inventory interface
Do dialog interface
Do combat interface
Do dungeon exit outside, forest outside and crash site models
Planning what to add or take from the current creatures models to make them look alien
Creating a consistent background for the game universe and for the player
Do own game music(will try garageband for that)
Review Luna model
Review GLSL toon shaders
Try to make tools to aid user in making his own content
Do game site
Study ways to sell online and deliver game to the end-user
Get attention to the game
Truly see if a BGE game is a viable source of income, if yes, continue working in the game.

Game info:

Test Equipment:

Manga-style is not exactly my thing but the pictures in the galery look nice - when/where can i get it?

Hi, the first version will be avaible as soon as I finish the character creation scene and most of the main menu scenes.

Due to the fact i should not even be making the game right now, since these are my last university months, with a lot of stuff going on, I can´t give you a aproximated release date.

But I will let you know when I have an end user executable

I´m happy, since this is the only project I thought worthy of a video, which I have uploaded to my google sites. Part of the linux ubuntu window appeared at the video top, but further videos won´t have this issue. Hope you like it!

really nice music :slight_smile: what is shown so far looks quite well made. just one thing… pleaaaaase change that default button sound to something else :smiley:

Hi ThomasEgi! Do not worry, I will change it soon. The game is still in very early stage.

looks nice.
will it be open source? (“freeware” doesn’t state this)

can’t wait to see more :slight_smile:

Hi Nemesis#13, this licensing issue is confusing me. I want my game to be free of charge and to give freedom to mess with its source code, but I do not want any modifications to be released as comercial, and also, I want to mentioned as the author of the original source files used in these modifications, and I do not want the game ressources which were produced by me(like art and some audio) to be used comercially and to be modified(and I want to be recognized as it´s author too).

What do you suggest? GNU GPL and Creative Commons?

I don’t think there’s any free (as in speech) software licence with those restrictions.
You could just make your own licence.

But if what you want is freedom, why not go for a permissive licence, like a variant of BSD? People will be able to sell a modified version of it, sure (note that that’s even possible with GPL), but you’ll still get the credit for it.

(For the assets) This looks like an Attribution Non-Commercial No Derivatives Creative Commons.

For Assets: CC-BY-NC-ND
For code: well, you can’t forbid people to redistribute your code with a free license. The GNU GPL at least forbids redistributing in binary-only form. Means in practice: If I wanted to use your code, I’d have to not only mention you, but also show the audience my code (which you could easily compare to yours to find my changes). You can sell GNU GPL’ed software as well, but you also have to grant the customers same rights you got from the license, e.g. the permission to copy and give away under same conditions. (Not the best way of making money, hehe)

You could also release your code as non-free open source. That’s as easy as stating “Everyone is permitted to copy and distribute verbatim copies of this code, but changing it is not allowed.”. Still, this is a weird and unnatural restriction. Imagine reading a tutorial on Panda where you are not allowed to copy the code. It’s like telling someone a joke and forbidding to tell it to others.

I personally think that GNU GPL3 is a nice choice for preventing abuse. People are allowed to do nearly everything with your code, but it will always stay GPL’ed for sure -nobody except the creator/-s (means you) is allowed to change the license of a GPL’ed project- and you will get credits from each copy.

All right, after reading a bit the game license will be GNU GPL for code and Creative Commons NC ND dor assets(the ones I have made). Thanks for the advising!

Only thing you have to keep in mind when using the GNU GPL is that as soon as you include contributions into your codebase, the respective authors keep their rights on that code part.
-Don’t accept patches (not so good).
-Make people confirm that they resign on their rights for that particular code, so that all code is yours. I believe this is how Panda’s license and code is handled.
-Accept all contributors as copyright holders (under the terms of the GNU GPL, that is). All future decisions on changing the terms of usage / license changes have to be accepted by ALL contributors
This solution most often is a one-way path, but it is the best for contributors. Best example of this policy: Wikipedia.

Just by the way, the GPL doesn’t really state how much you have to contribute to be a “contributor”. As far as I know really small contributions (typo corrections, small tips) aren’t considered being protected.

Have put the games files in 4shared if you want to study GIMP, python, panda3d and blender. Not for the end user.

Just to let you(who liked this game project) know I´m continuing this game here:

Nice work so far! :slight_smile:

I know it’s so hard to get a game finished (I used to start a lot of complex projects but always ended up with nothing), but i learnt that the trick is to always choose simple yet fun ideas and never give up!

Finishing a simple project is much more rewarding than giving up on a larger one.

Good luck with your project :smiley: