Questions regarding Panda's Web plugin.

I’m currently reading the topics in the manual concerning the Panda’s web browser. I didn’t think about putting the game I’m trying to make on a web browser and now finding the idea interesting… But before starting that new direction, I’m asking myself many questions.

The very first one will be regarding the place where the p3d file should be located. Is it in a server sowhere on the internet or on the computer’s user ?
An other manner to ask this question may be: will it be possible to have users accessing some p3d files on a server? If yes, how big these p3d files can be ?
For exemple: Users are having on their machines the code, textures for their own avatars and the server is having code, textures for the maps and the AI. Keeping that way a public and a private domain for the game.

This question may be empty of interest at first view… So let me dig a little bit with my concerns:
Is Panda able to dialog with an SQL database located on server ?
I bet the answer will be yes… then how ?
Problem: If the executable is directly writing on the database then anyone could use some debug tool and then gently do bad stuff on my DB.
Here I’m back to my first point where we need two programs: First on the client machine and the second one on the server.

Well, I’m very new to all this so excuse my lack of knowledge for that but who never ask…


p3d files should live on the server. In a way p3d files behave like flash files.

p3d file can be as big as you like. I’d recommend: if it gets too large you might what to break it up into packages like different levels of your game and download each level when it needs to be downloaded.

p3d direclty to sql database on server - yea in theory really but its really bad in practice. Because as you say any one can find the connection and connect to your sequal server and delete all data. I would recommend writing some sort of server to sit between your app on users machine and verify users commands are sane.

If the data your are storing is simple and not time critical writing a web server with a REST interface might work out better. Data like top score, maps, ads.

If you require real time updates like a shooter or a chat room writing a TCP or UDP server with panda3d networking might be better.

I have some difficulties to imagine my bandwidth dealing with all the information that are supposed to pass in milisec… I can only trust you for the moment :smiley: and compare where I’ll have my app on a server.

Mmh… Unfortunatly, there’s my interest! I’m sure it’s the hardest to write. Is there any basic exemple about that ?

I really don’t know from where to start… Which information the host should provide to the server and which one should never be passed to the host for security reasons. How to create, handle that server ?
Web browser --> I’ll need some php, html for the page, sql for the database and panda, in beetwen, on the host and server… And aspirin for my headache…

So, in few words… From where should I start to understand all that ? Any doc ? Exemples ?

I’d suggest looking in the networking section of the manual.