questions on height map: Layout options

Good day.

I’ve recently started collecting resources so I can start moving game design prototypes from paper to a working digital system, and every height map based terrain examples for Panda3D that I’ve come across use a square based grid. (where if the heightmap is flattened to a plane, all triangles are a right-triangle)

I just wanted to check and make sure I’m not missing something obvious before I begin digging into rolling my own system.

I’m looking to render my heightmaps on an equilateral triangle base rather than a square base (One that supports a hexagon pattern, rather than square) as I find this works far better for smoother terrain generation.

Is there an existing option that would easily allow this that I simply haven’t seen?

Thanks for the input.

Panda only provides the basic height map and the slightly more advanced geomipmap terrain classes. Everything else you will have to create on your own. That being said there are more modern techniques that use squareish patterns without resulting in the issues found in naive triangles.