I’m very sorry if this is in the wrong forum, but does antone here know of a program that can read *.BAM files? If so, it’d greatly be appreciated.(I need them for a multify from Disney’s Toontown Online.)

If you just want to see what the .bam file looks like in 3D, you can use the pview tool that comes with the panda install. You can also convert the .bam file into a .egg file using bam2egg. The egg file is a text readable format that can be opened and modified with any text editor. You should learn a little about the egg format if you want to modify an egg file.

More information about pview is documented in the manual. You can also learn about the options of these programs by typing “pview -h” or “bam2egg -h” (wihtout quotes) in the command prompt window once panda has been installed on your machine.

My problem is that my computer won’t run pview. It comes up, shows some error message and imieadately closes. I’ll try opening “pview -h” soon…(In command prompt)