Question about the SuperCity Model in Airblade


I looked at the supercity model with pview.

I’m new to 3D models.
I moved the camera forward on this model quite a lot 250 times and it doesn’t seem to have an end in the forward direction .

Is this landscape being Randomly Generated ? And would it therefore extend forever?

Or is this landscape specifically laid out designed in the modeling software tool? (I see breaks in the terrain where it appears to be pieced together 1 block at a time.)

Or is it a combination of the 2? like randomly use landscape pieces 1-10?

Is it possible to create such a model that would also seem to have infinite destinations in not only the forward but the left and right direction? or does that have to be randomly generated?

And just as a curiousity how would one pull that off in the modeling software?

Thanks in advance.

PS does anyone know a good website where I can hire really good Freelance 3D Modelers for a game project?