Question about roaming ralph

I did some searching around, but couldn’t find an answer. Sorry if this is in the wrong area.

I was looking at the roaming ralph sample to help me understand collision detection, and on the manual I saw

Caution: this program uses an extremely inefficient method for detecting the height of the terrain. There is a much better way to do it, but we have not had time to correct the sample program.

I was curious, what’s the better way to do it as said in the caution? Sorry if the answer is obvious.

Just a guess, I think it is storing a heightmap of the terrain and getting the pixel values from it to determine the height at a certain point.

CollisionHandlerFloor ?

Actually, that comment might be dated. Roaming Ralph used to detect collisions against visible geometry for the terrain, which was horrible, but a couple of years ago Josh reworked it to use collision geometry instead.

I suspect that comment is a leftover warning from the old collide-with-terrain approach, and should be removed now.