Question about Panda3D dependencies?

I am trying to modify the Panda3D source code, but I am having trouble installing the dependencies. I just want to know how I should install these.

Should I just install the end-user run-time, the dev packages, the C++ wrappers, or the Python-wrappers, etc.

Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks!

It really depends on which features you’re targeting. That page does a fairly good job of explaining what they do. If you have questions about a specific one, I’m willing to answer.

Which platform? I’ve got precompiled thirdparty packages for Windows and Mac.

Well, I’m trying to modify most of the engine, to suit my needs, so ideally I would want all of these packages installed, I just don’t know if I should install the runtimes or dev packages. I am on Windows 7 64x.

I have pre-compiled Windows thirdparty packages here:

Thanks. That is exactly what I need! I just want to ask you one last question. Does this have all of the packages, and if not which ones are missing?

Some proprietary packages requiring licenses or are rarely used like Awesomium, Speedtree, fftw, MFC, DirectX SDK, 3dsMax/Maya SDK may be missing.

Oh, ok. My guess is they can be added to the directory of packages, if needed, right?

Some of them. Others are expected to be either installed on the system or can be put in an “sdks” directory. Consult the makepanda source code (, to find out.

I would like to point out the awesomium bindings are for a really out of date version that has been long removed from the internet.