Question about Panda3D Cell Shader

Can Panda3D built in cell shader be able to work with textures from 3D modelling softwares such as Maya? If yes, can any of you kindly help me out by telling me the way/ways to do so? Thanks in advance :smiley:

hi, and welcome to panda3d ,

if you are refering to the one included in the cartoon-shader demo. well that’s just a shader file. it was not designed to be used with textures. but this topic comes up quite frequent on the forum. last time was about a week ago i think.
might be of intrest for you. searching the forum for: cartoon shader
brings up a lot more results. several are about toon shaders in combination with textures.
sry i dont have a real how-to. unfortunately i have no knowledge bout the maya pipeline, there are others who do :slight_smile: . but i hope i was able to provide you at least with some useful information.

Thanks for the reply, Thomas…but uh…ehehehe…I forgot to mention that the language which I have been using in Panda3D is Python… Those links which you’ve provided seemed to be in C language…

No, that’s Cg, which is the language shaders are written in. (It does resemble C, though, so I can understand your confusion.) You can’t write a shader in Python, sorry. :wink:


rdb feels an awesome idea coming up