Question about Panda 3D in python

I’ve been looking for some solutions for rendering models in python and someone suggested I should look into panda 3D.

Now, there’s a lot of documentation, so I figured it’s easier to just get to the point:

I have written some model parsing scripts and would like to display what I’ve parsed.

It is currently a fairly simple script so it only stores the basic geometry (vertex coords, normals, texture coords, faces, and material info)

However I believe that should be enough information to be able to render something.

Will panda 3D let me use this information to render a 3D model?

if so, are there any examples to get me started? Like a particular code snippet in the examples section that demonstrates how I would panda to get that information into a viewer?

In short, I just need a model viewer that will take the info I have.

Short answer: Yes.

Longer answer:
I think looking at the Procedural Cube example that comes with Panda3D could help. The example creates a cube on-screen from Python, so I think it’s exactly what you’re looking for.

Thanks for the reply. I will look at that example :smiley:

if offline processing of your models is ok,too. you may want to create an egg file. they are rather easy to build as they are plain text.