question about all these new projects that fail

I always see tons of posts of this person starting a new project or that person starting a mmorpg. Eventually due to time and cost these projects fail or disappear.

Is there anywhere these unfinished projects are sold? Ive always wanted to buy the semi finished virtual world or game framework because I regularly see them fail and there are so many creative people, I imagine some of them have to be pretty innovative.

Anyone able to direct me to such a thing?


Most ‘I’m making an MMORPG’ games I’ve seen never really flat out fail, they just never ever ever get finished

I feel that you’d have a difficult time buying one, considering most developers (in my opinion) feel that their game has huge potential, and you may have a hard time getting them to sell it

Anyway, I’ve never heard of such a place for selling failed projects, you’d probably have to advertise a bit that you’re looking to buy them, or find old projects and contact the developer directly

Hope this helps,

You won’t get that from me. I was suppose to go pro a long time ago but “chickened out” (more than once). I had a friend that always made me try to feel better by saying, “Don’t worry about it. Going pro is a big step and a lot of people would back away.” I later didn’t have the time to do any professional work.

I’ve had nothing but time lately, so I’m doing what I should have done a long time ago.

Release a Commercial Title.

I already have a legal company entity and Registered Trade Mark (website and all). Just need that first hit.

Right now I’m still doing the Technical stuff. I don’t even think about Graphics until the technical stuff is done. For me, the technical stuff takes up the most time, because you have to truly find any bugs that my exists (and so much code work!).

The last thing you want a publisher to experience, is a Bug in your game demo! Working with Panda is different from what I was working with over a decade ago. Creating an error free program was a breeze back then (for me), but with Panda, it’s easier to leave little cracks that may present an error when you least expect it.

I’ve had it happen already and every time it leaves me scratching my head saying… “WTF?” Even though I’m pushing hard on this project, it’ll run into next year, I’m sure of it. The chances of it hitting the market next year is up in the air at this point in time.

I keep thinking of all the people who know me and have seen what I’m capable of doing. I’ve even had people look at my work, then look at me and say… “Man, why aren’t you a millionaire already?”

Every time someone says that to me I just want to kick myself! I was always looking for a career that involved art since I’m gifted in that department and wanted something that’ll keep my brain going (programming). Even my art teacher from high school years ago wanted me to pursue a career involving art (after I stunned his azz with some of my work). Why I waited so long to change careers… I have no idea. Maybe I just didn’t have the time before.

Anyway… No more putting it off. All I’ve been doing is depriving video gamers of a truly creative mind for game development. Too much of the same old same old on the market. I’m all about different and new and will be bringing new and different things to the table.

My level of content.

Even now I find myself gawking at my PC screen when testing my game, instead of just finishing up the test and move on with work. :smiley:

My own work is beginning to stun me to the point I’m finding it hard to continue. :laughing:

But that’s a good thing I guess. :wink:

I want all you lovely people in the Panda community to shower me with your blessing! Publishers are picky and you don’t get a lot of review time either.

I’ve already contacted one publisher and asked if it would be ok for me to pursue Publishing services only and the agent gave me the green light.

What I meant by that is… A lot of games sent in to a publisher are either an idea for a game or it’s a group (or individual) of people trying to become a game developing studio for an already existing Publisher.

I do not wish to work for a publisher. Nor am I submitting game ideas. I will only submit finished products and request publishing services. I have my own company name to “blow up” and do not wish to make some existing company greater than they already are.

Even though the publisher I contacted didn’t have a problem with it (one of the largest publishers too), I just hope all the others feel the same way. I want to keep my options open.


“Been there… Done that.”


I’m truly amazed. You must be the most awesome person in the entire worlds history. I really can’t wait to see your project. With how gifted, creative and skilled you are, what you’re making might just be the ultimate game! Why aren’t you a millionaire already?! If you just had the time to go pro.

cotownsend, how was that wall of text even remotely related to the topic at hand?

He just like saying his story :wink:

I badly missread the first sentence there…


The topic was about how people DO NOT finish projects. I’ve noticed that myself, but never questioned it.

I’m hoping my work encourage people to finish their projects more…no matter what. Doing solo work is long, hard and tiring. I know, I made three large games that I never published. I worked for almost two years on one.

As what someone else stated about me being the most gifted person in the world… You don’t have to be the most gifted because you can’t be the most gifted. There will always be someone out there as good or better than you.

Yeah, I’m gifted in art and have a good programming mind, but there are plenty of others out there. What breaks the ice is creativity. Creativity is everything when it comes to art work as well as designing a video game.

Any artist can produce good graphics. Any good programmer can program an application…but what really stands out is the work that’s most creative. (Although I’ve played some really bad programmed games lately)


Something wild happened to me today. The owner of the building I’m in showed up to inspect the place. You know…make sure I didn’t need repairs or anything. The guy noticed my equipment and ask what is it that I do.

Instead of telling him, I showed him. The guy flipped his wig! This dude ran out to his car and called his wife inside to see my work! :open_mouth:

The whole time I was looking at him with that look across my face like, “OMFG.” :open_mouth:

Daaaammmnnn!!! I’m not even working visuals yet and caused that kind of a stir… :laughing:


You just got to love it! 8)

I believe I just got the time to work on something as I stated in the text. It takes time to create something professional.

I knew from the start I would be looking at 1 to 1.5 years, because I’ve Soloed projects before. This time, I’m learning a new engine as I go along. I’m also doing things in blender (picked over maya) for the first time; like creating CGI quality hair.

And one more thing… You won’t become a millionaire just like that. Publishers will always get the bigger end of the cut, unless you get lucky and they buy the rights to your game. That’s money up front.

Unless you’re going to totally destroy a game like God of War with yours, don’t expect the lateral.


PS, I won’t let you down, good old Panda Community! I will “get’her’done” for all of you! :laughing:

Rather you hate me or not. :wink:


My previous post was sarcasm…

Came across this…

That’s wicked.

“Kewl!” :laughing:

Wasting your time, but “Kewl!” :wink:

Why you would make such a thing, I won’t even ask.
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