Question about a server in a server/client architecture

Say you have a simple server/client setup where the server was handling some or even most of the updates and world state. Would it make sense for the server to do no actual rendering? It seems like this would make for a faster server. But in that case, how would one set it up assuming you still need to have a game loop and would want to be able to utilize other parts of the panda engine to run the game state. Would some aspects, such as collision detection, even be possible without actual rendering going on? I guess I’m just wondering what the server would look like… it seems like just console app with would suffice in some ways, but as stated you’d lose the all panda functions you’d probably need.

If you put ‘window-type none’ in your Config.prc file, or set it before you import DirectStart, then your Panda application will not open a window nor perform any rendering, but you will still have access to NodePaths, the task manager, the collision system, and anything else you might need for a server. There are plenty of examples of people doing this in the forums.


Thanks David