Querying animation information without playing the animation


I’m trying to query joint hpr & xyz information for each joint on every from of an animation WITHOUT playing the animation. Is there any interface to do this? How can I look at the animation data that’s been loaded from the egg or bam?

Thanks for any insight!

Hi, are you trying to edit the animation that way,
because that would be pretty brutal…
It would be easier to just re-rig and animate it.
I guess you would need something like that for car wheels though.
I can barely move a light bulb just from changing the coordinates :slight_smile:
You might be able to do it if you enable tk tools, but I’m not sure.
I don’t think it reaches down that far to the skeletal.
Just on a side note you wouldn’t happen to have a three camera toggle
code lying around would you? :open_mouth:

what I am trying to do in this particular case is grab the value of an animation on a particular joint, then transform it in some way, and then play it back on a controlled version of that joint.

That makes more sense than my ‘edit animation through code theory’ :slight_smile:
Have you opened an egg file in notepad? It has the skeleton
data towards the bottom of the file.

right, I can load the egg in separately and get the info that way. But it’s already stored in panda somewhere… should be possible to get that information … maybe?

You can use the EggAnimData class to read animation info from egg files, I guess. Never tried it, though.
…there could be an easier way, but I dont know. Perhaps a panda3d guru could shine some more light on that :wink:

I would just play the animation. Explicitly pose the actor to each frame one at a time, then sample the joint angles you get. It will just be computing matrices; it won’t actually have to compute the vertices unless you also render each frame.