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You are wrong.
During the installation you are given two options: either replace PATH variable, or not.

There could be a bug. I just need some more specific information. How it adds to the path depends on two things:
(1) whether you are admin user or not
(2) your version of windows
Can you tell us these details? This way we can explore the bug some more.

[size=59]This is the nsis file: [link]
The AddToPath function was taken directly from here.[/size]

Hi, I have had this problem also. Unfortunately system restore can’t take me back to my old PATH variable settings so I’ll have to rebuild it manually. Yikes!

My system is Vista Sp1 (admin). I remember a question asking about the PATH, but I don’t recall it saying anything about erasing the entire PATH variable (after all, why would it need to do that).

This is a serious bug, and should be fixed immediately.

The installer was panda3d-1.5.2.exe .