.PZ files and Collision Movement Problems

Hey, I’m having trouble getting my character to move around a flat plane mesh I made to test collision. I’m taking Maya files over to Blender as .OBJ’s then re-exporting them to .egg since I was having version issues in Maya. I attached a collision ray to my character and on the flat plane I manually typed in the flag " { barrier }" to try and make it export the mesh with collision. When I load the script it shows the collisions but my character is unable to move. The character is able to rotate around however. The movement system I was using is basically a replica of the one used in Roaming Ralph.

Also, is there a way to open up .pz files? I’ve been able to open the .egg files with Notepad++ but not the .pz files. I want to look at the Roaming Ralph world.egg.pz file to see if I’m missing some extra code perhaps they added besides the tag " { Polyset keep descend }"

you have to use punzip (in the binaries folder of Panda3D) to unzip .pz file in .egg file… then you can read them.

You can use pzip to transform a egg file in pz…