pyweek 8

… is next week, with theme voting now. See if you don’t know what I’m talking about.

Thought I’ld mention it here - its a good opportunity for some of you to practise using Panda 3D under insane time constraints, and show off to the rest of the python game community what panda can do:-) Am hoping to give it a shot myself (As a solo entry.), though time will be against me, and I’ll probably end up with nothing. Still, will be worth it for the craziness.

i’ll be there as always.

I’ll be joining PyWeek but I’m already committed as an artist to another team that won’t be using Panda. If we do finish early-ish, I’ll try to come up with something although its not very likely.

So, did anyone submit an entry? I did - you can find mine here - Its kinda fun, very processor intensive though - my AI just does too many calculations per entity, which is a problem when you have almost 450 of them. (I put up a lite version as well, which should work on lower end hardware.)

great idea and very nice implementation lethe.

i got the feeling that the movement physics (ai-controls) could be improved. they swing to much when trying to reach a location. so i’ve tried to play a bit with the code and figured that the targSpeed in bobbles allways seems to be at the limits.

while it makes the movements quite a bit slower i felt this calculation method makes it a bit more controllable:

targSpeed = targDist / 5.0
targSpeed = min(targSpeed,self.targSpeed)

i think the dt is not necessairy when calculating the desired velocity.

Thanks:-) I think your probably right that I overcomplicated it, especially considering how much frame time it eats up. However, once I saw the policemen moving around such that they look drunk I decided not to ‘fix’ it and leave it as is - makes everything look that much more chaotic, and makes keeping the line an actual challenge. I just prefer the chaos basically:-P

very nice showcase - hard to keep that ‘kettle’ cool but it’s am amazing minigame - I tried the lite version and found very well balanced and entertaining - I guess much more protesters and policemen should not add very much to the gameplay.
PS: the challenge is ended and the website states “winners announced” but don’t see the list.

Yeah, the lite version is just as much fun as the full version - the full version just looks more like a protest, more chaotic. Well, that and whilst I can (just) complete the normal version on hard I’ve been unable to do so on lite - I removed more policemen by ratio than protesters…

The competition has ended but winners should not be announced until Sunday week - there is two weeks during which all entrants get to play and judge the games, the winner is then decided based on their ratings. This means I am morally obliged to play though more than 50 games over the coming weeks. The horror, oh, the horror… :smiley: