PyWeek 29 entry: >GRIDFLY<

Here’s my pyweek entry gridfly. An oldschool arcade game in the spirit of Minter and Jarvis.

I made it in the few days I couldn’t really help out a lot on @rdb 's pollen.
The gameplay should speak for itself, it’s rather simple.
I’m pretty happy with how it turned out considering it was made in a little under 4 days, including art, sound and music and all that jazz.


Looks cool judging from screenshots, but it says “press space to start”, I press space and nothing happens. Escape works fine though. WIndows 10.

EDIT: Sorry, my bad - my gamepad was plugged in. Unplugging it solved the problem.

This seems like a neat action game! :slight_smile:

That said… the player-character moves awfully fast–I feel like I have little control over my character’s movements! Sometimes careful tapping of the keys helps–other times I zoom into unseen death. o_o;

Still, if there were a way to slow things down a little I think that there could be fun to be had here! :slight_smile:

I liked the visual style and the music, they both remind me of some free/shareware games I played in early 2000s.

The enemies are moving like they are on a grid, is this intended?

Yes, the visual style is good, as @Thaumaturge already said, the reaction to the keys is too sharp, which makes it almost unplayable.

I love this game. It’s a ton of fun. The combined challenge of the snakeys, the spider and the laser lines keeps me constantly on my toes, the visual style is very well executed and the robotic announcer totally completes the game’s style.

I don’t know what people are talking about regarding the controls. This is meant to be a hectic, fast-paced, challenging game, so the controls do need to be kept twitchy. They are actually pretty smooth to me; it takes quite a noticeable amount of time for the butterfly to switch direction, and I certainly am not zooming off the screen. Are the others playing with vsync off, perhaps, and there is some framerate-dependent movement issue?

This is very possible: I don’t generally have v-sync on, and quickly hacking the frame-rate meter in via the included prc file showed a very high frame-rate indeed.

I did also try hacking in “limited clock-mode”, too, but that didn’t seem to take effect; perhaps it’s being overridden in code.

I started OBS Studio to record the gameplay and it slowed it down very well, there was a smoothness and it became possible to play. :slight_smile:

Yes, it’s vsync indeed

Game should be played at 60 FPS
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Thanks for the heads-up everyone. Forget to delta-time one thing and this is what happens. I’ve fixed the issue on! And thanks to everyone who’s been enjoying it too!

Okay, yes, that’s much more playable, and indeed somewhat fun! :slight_smile:

I do sometimes feel like the “death lines” seem to come from off-screen occasionally, leaving me little time in which to react–but I’m not sure that I’m not just being slow to spot their origin-points.