Python SDK's / IDE's

I was just wondering what tools everybody uses for writing their Python code for Panda3D. I’ve been spoiled rotten by Microsoft Visual Studio .NET so Notepad just isn’t good enough and IDLE isn’t much better.

Wing IDE or for free Python SPE

Have you read THIS ?

Yes I did, some time ago. Much of it was useful, especially the .bat script. I wasn’t all that impressed with conTEXT though, no code completion.

I had been using SPE, but it isn’t really finished. Its autocomplete only partially works and making it work with Panda3D modules is another story.

I recently tried out Eclipse with Pydev. I has slightly better autocomplete than SPE but I’m unsure how to use some other features. I tried interfacing with the Panda3D modules and the pandac tree works, but the direct tree does not. :confused: