Python not being configured on Windows 10

The latest installer for WIndows 10 doesn’t configure the included Python properly, it’s not added to be environemtn variables. I don’t know what exactly needs to be done ti fix it manually.

Hello, open the variable environments and add entries to the path field.


This is an example of a python setup that contains the panda SDK. Change the paths to your own, respectively.

This messes with my Blender python, Blender starts using Panda’s python.

I understand you, it would be better if you would separately access each copy of the interpreter, for example.


Accordingly, you need to use pip in this way.

D:\Panda3D-1.10.11-x64\python\python.exe -m pip install panda3d-simplepbr

I have been using this method for a long time and do not experience any problems, it is also better to use bat files instead of the console.

I can’t tell Blender or other programs what python to use internally.

As far as I know you don’t need to specify this for blender, it doesn’t rely on system python.