Python Module


This is my forst post here, I would like to know if there is a way to install panda as a python module, I have been working with python a little time over the last months and having it this way would be more familiar for me.

The other thing is that Im an architect in his master thesis semester, for my thesis Im trying to use python with a 3d app to develop an script that generates a housing block, the idea is that the script will create a bunch of different housing units and see how they can fit toghether, getting rid of the unfit solutions an evolving the fittest ones. Do you think that this kind of project can be developed in panda? I feel like the answer is yes, but I dont know for sure.


ok, I got it running now, thanks to another post that details how touse a pth file.

Still need help with my second question… :laughing:

Panda can certainly help you visualize the results of your computation. Of course, you’ll have to write a lot of the code that decides how the buildings fit together yourself–Panda’s collision system is probably not adequate to this task–but Python is a splendid language to do this in.