Python library search(Use CMake)

It seems the build parameter for python search is not correct. I enter the path to the folder with the executable file. But it looks like CMake expects something different.

cmake -D HAVE_PYTHON=YES -D WANT_PYTHON_VERSION=3.11 -D Python_DIR=D:\panda3d-master\thirdparty\win-python3.11-x64 -D PYTHON_EXTENSION_SUFFIX=.pyd


CMake Error at dtool/LocalSetup.cmake:173 (message):
  Configured Panda with Python bindings, but no Python library found.
  Disable HAVE_PYTHON to continue.
Call Stack (most recent call first):
  dtool/CMakeLists.txt:2 (include)

At the moment it is not clear what should be specified.

Use the variables listed here:

Try Python_ROOT_DIR.

Thanks for helping. In fact, I had to apply an undocumented Python_ROOT variable. It seems that the search for available python distributions in the thirdparty folder does not work in Windows

Thanks for bringing it to light. We probably should fix this. Please file an issue.